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Brush up your Company´s Web Design
and give it a fresh new Image.

Anybody can talk big – but few end up doing so due to a lack of confidence. Your chance to take over the lead and impress with a completely different and unique web appearance. Because only those willing to take risks will succeed in the long run.

Sticking with the mainstream might give most companies a feeling of safety, even though it could lead in the wrong direction. Thus, real entrepreneurs should break the mould and do something new, something extraordinary. And we are here to help you with exactly that. Shaping new ideas and concepts – together for your success.

Our Services :
First design, redesign
general information what is important for a website
analysis of target group
advice on domain names
advice and support for content and structure
layout, photos, image processing, logo, programming
advice with texts - specially for Google
entries in search engines
permanent care of your website
addition of video

First place on the web? First result on Google search? Legitimate questions. But anyone offering you a solution should leave you in doubt. Because after all it´s Google and Co. that decides over the ranking – which doesn´t mean we are helpless. There are a few points to consider when aiming to becoming a top list result on Google search. We will show you the best ways for your company to achieve this goal and increase the probability to be found on the web.

Please note: Due to limited staff capacities we cannot provide mail order systems. Neither can we build complex giant web pages with data base connection and suchlike.

Our Job is our passion. We focus on what we do best and do it with great enthusiasm. With our great scope of performance, we can guarantee that only few services come from third party companies. Therefore, everything is as if made from one piece and fits together. Also, questions can be answered more quickly and deadlines are easier to meet.

Text: Especially middle-class companies sometimes do not know how to provide their own web texts or how to write them. We will make sure to become acquainted with your topic and material and show you ways to present your ideas and concepts on the web.


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