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Bormuth Art & Consulting is a medium-sized advertising agency with manageable structures specializing in creative niches. Mass production - such as department store catalogs - is recommended to large agencies.

Our customers are mainly in Germany, but also abroad. The international orientation may be surprising. The pecuniary approach is not always in our focus. It is important to be open in all directions, ways of thinking, mentalities, sensitivities and habits, in order to grow, for constantly increasing the experience for the benefit of our customers.

It must be clear: what was right yesterday, can be wrong tomorrow. Human behavior, needs and requirements change. This must be taken into account.

On the other hand, you should never be a slave of mainstream. You should always look at the things critically.

A frightening example of a little questioned mainstream are unsolicited newsletters, which end like this: "If you do not want the newsletter, you can unsubscribe here!" This is actually a necessity, because one forces the receiver to become active. That annoyed!

At this point, numerous other examples of customer irritation could be cited, e.g. The annoying popups on the Internet. However, Bormuth Art & Consulting dissociates itself from any form of aggressive advertising, because we are convinced: it also works with smart refinements.


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